Sample dyeing machines

T6 / T15

Machine for dyeing samples and small productions of pieces made in textiles, namely, mesh, cotton, denim, lycra, polyamides, etc. Conceived to support the laboratory of the companies in the study of colors and dyeing samples in small quantities.

  • Construction in stainless steel AISI-316L;
  • Door with safety interlock system;
  • Pneumatic suspension system;
  • Drum interior finish with high glass polishing;
  • Drum rotating speed regulation, 0 / 250rpm, via frequency inverter motor;
  • Auxiliary products compartment with added by gravity, or with optional addition pump;
  • Touch screen to program execution and dyeing recipes, allowing operation in manual mode and automatic;
  • Possibility of making programs on your computer with PROGMAKER software;
  • Dyeing capacity 0.5 / 5kg to T6 and 1/12kg to T15.