JMC launches new model of industrial dryers (S80-S150-S300)

JMC launches a new line of clothes industrial dryers, for the large capacity industrial laundries and dry cleaners. The model presents a new design with modern and appealing design using stainless steel throughout its outer casing, inner tub and rotary drum.

In technical terms these models can be equipped with the new EcoSpray system that allows processes sprayed through the front door, including application softener, silicone etc.
The dryers are fitted with high efficiency steam radiators,  may also be equipped with heat recovery system which enables an energy saving of about 30% steam consumption during the drying process. All sizes can be equipped with hydraulic automatic discharge and pneumatic door. It also highlights the new LED lighting system inside the drum, allowing greater visibility during operation of the machine.

HIGH CAPACITY DRYERS - S80 / S150 / S300 / S300C


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