JMC - José Maria de Araújo Campos, Lda is a company specialized in the manufacture of laundry and industrial laundry machines. Started its industrial activity in 1989, sells a wide range of equipment for laundry, including washing machines, dyeing machines, clothes dryers, hydro extractors, rolling machines, hot water storage systems, maintenance services. Focus on the quality of their products in innovative systems that enable energy saving and environmental conservation.

Recently, the company extended its activity to areas of technical assistance and project in order to follow the customer from initial design / project to after sales service, providing continuous services with high standards of quality and reliability.

In the project area JMC carries out appropriate studies to the needs of each client, also developing tailor-made solutions that meet customer requirements. The company now finds himself in a process of organization, expansion and modernization of its facilities, creating the necessary conditions for the internationalization of its products.

JMC is presented, as well as an innovative company that invests constantly in research of new solutions that meet their renowned customer needs, providing a distinctive service.