The JMC - José Maria de Araújo Campos, Lda was born on 07/24/1989 created by its founding partner José Maria de Araújo Campos, dedicated to the manufacture of laundry and dyeing industrial machines.

In the beginning provided metalworking services on the internal market and with the evolution of the experience endured as specialized vertical drive in the manufacture of equipment including washing machines, dyeing machines, hydro-extractors, tumble dryers, ironers and hot water storage systems, among others.

Sequentially found itself in need of including a maintenance service sector, in order to better assist its customers.

Recently the company has expanded its activity to technical assistance and design areas in order to follow the customer from initial design / project to after sales service, providing continuous services with high standards of quality and reliability.

Focus on the quality of its products, which include innovative operating systems that allow energy saving and environmental conservation. We refer specifically to the ozone washing equipment, technology that the company developed since 2010 and now dominates internally and externally.

In the project area the JMC performs appropriate studies to the needs of each client, also developing tailored solutions that meet their requirements.

The company has now 26 employees, among whom are skilled elements with technical knowledge where prevail the areas of mechanical engineering and electricity.

The company held over its 26 years of activity significant investments in technology and other structural changes of which we highlight the following:

  • In 1989 was born the 1st factory with about 200 m2 where it was located throughout the industrial process
  • In 1995 construction of a new factory with 1000 m2 where has transferred the entire production
  • In 2000 modernized the industrial process with the acquisition of a machining center and a punching CNC
  • In 2009 performed construction improvements of the 2nd factory with around 600 m2 in order to include therein the finishing section and finished product warehouse / dispatch
  • In 2014 a new facilities expansion took place, approximately 700m2, in order to reorganize the industrial layout and repositioning the cutting sector

JMC is currently in the process of organization, expansion and modernization of its activities with the aim of increasing internationalization.

JMC is presented, as well as a dominant company in a sector average / high technology, without competition in the domestic market in this type of product, and betting constantly in search for new solutions that meet customer needs.